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Our list of services includes pre-meeting planning and administration, on-site logistical management, and post-meeting reporting. From site recommendations and hotel and facility negotiations to marketing and promotion, attendee materials development, preregistration, on-site logistics, and post-meeting reporting, our expert team provides unparalleled customer service and handles everything on your behalf.


Pre-Meeting Planning and Administration

  • Oversee coordination and implementation 
  • Create a program branding design 
  • Design all program materials utilizing approved program branding: Direct mail invitation, door drop invitation, planner guide ad, signage 
  • Coordination of all program materials through internal client review as needed
  • Speaker recruitment as needed 
  • Contract and interact with hotel and A/V provider
  • Contract timeslots with symposia management companies
  • Arrange and manage food and beverage needs within compliance guidelines
  • Comprehensive pre-registration onsite to increase attendance to include: On-site pre-registration table management, coordinate pre-registration via web registration, phone, and email


On-site Logistical Management

  • On-site logistical management
  • Pre-registration table management
  • Speaker welcome and slide review
  • Pre-conference with association reps regarding program logistics
  • Pre-program run through with speaker
  • Pre-program audio/visual checks
  • Program material distribution
  • Attendee sign-in management


Post-meeting reporting

  • Executive Summaries for all live meetings to include attendance, evaluation tabulation, and any takeaways noted by onsite MedReviews staff
  • Program reconciliation
  • Provide attendee list to Compliance
  • Submit all receipts to Compliance